Success of insourcing and Workday re-implementation

The basis for global efficiency

The client is a large global financial services company that came to Quintop for an HR Transformation after an unsuccessful initial implementation of Workday and outsourcing of recruitment, HR administration, HRIT management and global mobility.

Problem statement

The client had implemented Workday for a limited number of countries but not based on global processes. In addition, despite a number of interventions and escalations, no partnership arose between the customer and the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) party. As a result, the further roll-out of Workday stagnated and the services for recruitment, HR administration, HR IT management and global mobility did not meet expectations.


The client had a history of failed HR Transformation, as a result of which the organisation’s confidence and willingness to release budget had fallen to an all-time low. The plan to bring the Target Operating Model live via a ‘big bang’ in a short time introduced many dependencies and risks to manage. But above all, this major HR Transformation took place during the Covid-19 pandemic and thus was carried out 100% via remote working.

Where Quintop came in

The programme started with a ‘Make or Buy’ advice. What was best for the customer: outsourcing to a new partner or insourcing to the already existing, internal Global Business Services (GBS) organisation? The advice to insource most of the services to GBS was adopted and then six project were defined and got budget approval:

  • Insourcing of the HR admin and global mobility services to the internal GBS organisation in Asia and Eastern Europe
  • Transfer of recruitment to a new Recruitment Process outsourcing (RPO) partner
  • Insourcing HR IT maintenance to GBS Eastern Europe
  • Implementation of ServiceNow as case management system
  • Re-implementation of Workday based on global processes
  • Implementing an HR data lake for consistent HR reporting.

The programme of six projects went live as per the original timeline despite the Covid-19 pandemic. The basis for further roll-out has been laid on which the remaining countries will join next.

The result

With the substantiated Quintop advice to insource to the internal GBS organisation, the organisation determined the direction of the HR Transformation. Quintop was responsible for advice, programme management and PMO support.

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