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Change management

The implementation of a new HR system

In October 2017, Quintop was asked to support the HR department of the Credit Exchange Group – a Rotterdam-based FinTech company.

Explosive growth creates new requirements

This family business has experienced significant growth over the past year. As a result, the personnel system no longer matched the wishes of the current organisation. A newly purchased personnel system would go ‘live’ on 1 January 2018. With only 2 months remaining, the HR department needed extra manpower to realise this change and Quintop was called in. The assignment was twofold: on the one hand to organise the change and communication, on the other hand to provide support for the implementation of the system.

The approach

After his introduction to a number of important stakeholders, consultant Koen van Schaik immediately started at full speed. He started by developing a plan of action, which, after a few checks and feedback moments, was completed quickly. It was important to inform the rest of the employees within the organisation of the upcoming change as soon as possible. After all, every employee would have to deal with the new system. For example they would have to submit their declarations and leave applications in the new system, as well as viewing their pay slips.

Different phases

In the first phase his work was roughly divided into 80% communication and 20% implementation. Armed with a laptop and beamer under his arm, he visited all departments and business units. Not only was everyone informed immediately, but during these visits there also was room for input on the new system. As time went by, his 80/20 commitment shifted to 20% communication and 80% implementation. People were more and more aware of what was going to happen, which meant less communication was required. However, behind the scenes the deadline quickly approached and the necessary arrangements for the implementation had to be made.

And the result?

Eventually Christmas passed and the switch to the new system on 1 January 2018 became a fact. Completely as expected, there still were some small points that needed attention after the switch in both areas. The last minor bugs were removed from the system and the employees who forgot parts of the received information, were helped with their questions. The improvements were also immediately noticeable in the HR department. Because of quick communications and putting the end user at the center of focus, both objectives were achieved in the project. With a client whose expectations have been exceeded, another project has been successfully completed!

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