Guidance on insourcing

Insourcing, transferring people & work from one organisation to another is sometimes more complex than previously thought. Quintop helped Quion, the largest independent third-party servicer in the Netherlands, with an insourcing project. In this process, Quintop supported on a large number of challenges. Dealing with (the selection of) people, making fair agreements and designing working conditions with added value for all parties involved were just a few among all of those challenges. The primary objective was to ensure a smooth transition for all employees to the new situation. And from experience we knew that the right all-round approach would be essential for the overal success of this outsourcing.

A clear approach

One of the elements that makes insourcing so complex, is the fact it is all about (re)placing people who all have individual contexts. Therefore, it is key to draw up a good roadmap and to align this with the in- and outsourcing party. Legal regulations have a significant impact, but also the demands of all parties involved. These issues were inventoried first. Hereafter, the work of all individual employees was mapped. This provided an estimate of the work and employees needed in the new situation.

Working conditions

In addition, working conditions have been put together in the old and new situation, so that it became clear what had to happen. This is a precise process, in which many qualitative information was quantified in a new calculation model. This provided a great deal of insights into current costs and also made clear what costs would arise when adjusting working conditions. This time-consuming process step was not only crucial for managing the expectations of all parties involved. It also proved very useful in the negotiations with trade unions.

Uniting cultures

The wellbeing of employees in their new situation received a lot of attention in this process. The goal was to make everyone feel part of the organisation and appreciated, and also to be directly integrated in the daily business. Quintop has set up an appropriate change-& onboarding programme. Central in this was organising workshops in which we looked at similarities and differences in organisation cultures, core values and communication. The open dialogue that arose in this phase offered all employees a lot of confidence in the overall change.

Communication for success

During the entire process, collaboration with the HR department went smoothly. Together with them, we made sure frequent and consistent communication was in place. Moreover, all employees were always welcome with their concerns and questions. Quintop provided several interventions that guaranteed good guidance for the change. Keeping the open dialogue between those involved was the key to success. This brought the various parties and their wishes closer together step by step. The allround engagement and approach of Quintop also ensured a successful conclusion.

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