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Project management support

AFAS InSite HR System implementation

A large online retailer was in search for extra project management support during the technical implementation of a new HR system – AFAS InSite (including the AFAS Pocket App) – to create a HR (IT) landscape that is simpler, smoother, and faster.

Problem statement

The organisation was in a need to optimise its HR services by automating HR processes as much as possible and reducing its dependence on external IT suppliers. Although the project had already started and the various teams were implementing the new system, the project manager needed additional support. Because a lot had to be done in a short time, it was necessary to add a second Project Management Officer (PMO), who would be responsible for coordinating the teams, monitoring the project planning, and following up on actions.


The main challenge was to deliver the new system on schedule before the set deadline. A lot had to be done in a short time, creating the risk that the deadline would not be met with the staffing levels at the time. To illustrate, before the deadline, all data had to be transferred from the old to the new system. In addition, it was important that the new processes were set up in a compliant manner, so complying with all Dutch legislation. Finally, it was equally important that the line organisation was trained to work with the new system and that all stakeholders – including the business – were included in the change.

Where Quintop came in

This challenge required an expert in project management: a PMO. The solution started through an overall project planning. Not only the project management, but also the project team had to have a clear idea of what the key deliverables were and when they were to be delivered. Once that was clear, it was up to project management to note the dependencies between the various key deliverables and adjust the project planning where necessary. By then dividing this into smaller parts, a smaller (detailed) planning was created, which was monitored by project management during the implementation.

Good leadership in such projects is indispensable. That is why Quintop took the lead in project management: With 25 years of experience in project management, Quintop is the right partner to bring structure and overview to the project. Our senior project manager led several project meetings daily, both 1-on-1 with the team leads and with other stakeholders within the organisation. Our junior Project Management Officer supported this by, among other things, following up on actions resulting from the meetings with the relevant persons daily, drafting a weekly newsletter for the team and monitoring progress monthly via a Benefit Tracker and issue dashboard.

The result

The result we achieved as Quintop, together with the team, was a successful implementation of the new HR system within the set deadlines. How did we do this? Before the Go-Live, we closely monitored the extent to which the organisation was ready for the change. If necessary, we made timely adjustments. After the Go-Live, we also structurally evaluated to what extent the change had been adopted by the organisation.

Finally, we made an overview which topics fell within the project, and which had to be taken up as optimisation by the line organisation after the project. This gave the client a good starting point for the coming months.

Does your organisation need help guiding an HR system implementation in the right direction? Do you want a Project Management Officer to relieve you and provide extra support to meet the deadline? Quintop’s approach is pragmatic. Our Quintoppers are proactive, quality-oriented and really work together with you, the client. They are ready to support your project successfully..