Project management for a new HR and payroll system (AFAS)

We were approached by a well-known Dutch retail organization to support with the implementation of a new HR and payroll system (AFAS). We were asked to take care of the project management and change and communication.

Problem statement

The client embarked on the HR system implementation journey for several reasons. They were looking for a solution to enable employees and managers to execute everyday HR tasks quickly and easily. In addition to this improved user experience and efficiency, the solution also had to contribute to a standardization of the HR processes. Compliant processes and improvements of the HR system landscape with increased number of automated integrations were also important drivers of the change. Lastly, the client wanted to take the payroll processes back inhouse instead of being outsourced.


As with every project, the project also encountered challenges. Timelines were short with a fixed go live in January. In addition to the timelines, the complexity of the project was a stretch for the relatively young project team.

Where Quintop came in

As part of the implementation we designed standardized HR processes, managed the configuration and testing, and ensured system integrations were built. The project team worked closely with the system implementation consultants, the client’s project team members and other stakeholders such as Finance, Rewards, Talent Acquisition and the HR Services organization. Payroll processes were also redesigned and insourced. Additionally, HR and payroll employees were trained. Lastly, employees and managers received more information via a communication campaign as well as training.

We fulfilled multiple roles during this project, including Project Manager, PMO (Project Management Officer) and Communication and Change expert.

Our Project Manager, working at the client-side, was responsible for representing the client’s interest and managing the project team as well as the system implementation partner consultants. Moreover, the Project Manager created an integrated planning that encompassed not only the technical aspects of the project but also other critical client-side activities. Throughout the project, the Project Manager focused on the collaboration, involving the right stakeholders and enforcing decisions and steer where needed from the Steering Committee. The PMO ensured that the project was well-structured, all tasks were tracked, and the overall project goals were achieved. The Communication and Change expert created communication and change materials and organized events throughout the project to keep everyone informed and engaged about the project and the new HR system solution.

The result

Quintop was able to deliver a successful implementation of a new HR and Payroll system (AFAS) within a tight 8-month timeline, including the insourcing of payroll. The successful Go-Live in January 2023 marked a major milestone for the project, as the entire company was able to benefit from the new system. The new HR and payroll processes are not only efficient and compliant but also user-friendly and optimized to enhance the overall user experience.

Does your organisation need help guiding an HR system implementation in the right direction? Do you want a project manager who helps you with the design of standardized HR processes, manages the configuration and testing, and ensures the building of the system integrations? Our Quintoppers are proactive, quality-oriented and really work together with you, the client. 

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