Project Management for 360-feedback survey tool roll out

A global organisation in the financial sector reached out for support to roll out a 360-feedback survey within a new tool, Qualtrics, for employee engagement surveys.

Problem statement

Within the organisation, the People Analytics team aims to create a more data-driven culture and people strategy by collecting HR data. However, at the time of the request, there was an inability to utilise the data for detailed and extensive dashboards. With the use of comprehensive dashboards, the goal was to identify data trends and the development of predictions for the future. Next to that, the survey questions that were used were outdated and insufficient in providing constructive feedback. Therefore, it was necessary to implement a new 360-feedback survey. The partnership with the new vendor presented a timely opportunity for improvement.


Due to the annual performance cycle, we were faced with extremely tight deadlines. Normally, the vendor takes about 9 months to roll out a new survey, but within this project, we had to achieve it within just 4 months. To meet this deadline, we had to prioritise the project above other projects. Since Qualtrics was a new platform for all team members, we spent a lot of time on training before we could begin building the survey.

To increase the chances of the project’s success, effective stakeholder management was crucial. We had to quickly clarify and coordinate everyone’s interest within a short timeframe, ensuring that the project was aligned with everyone’s needs and expectations.

Where Quintop came in

Quintop played a key role in the project, leveraging our expertise in Digital HR Transformation to deliver outstanding results. We assigned a Quintopper as Project Manager and took the lead in the survey roll-out. This allowed us to provide valuable support in designing and constructing the survey, making sure it met the highest quality standards.

The result

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of the entire team, Quintop’s Project Manager was able to improve the 360-feedback survey within the deadline. We were able to create and build six surveys that covered thousands of employees across a wide range of job profiles. The Project Manager also oversaw the creation of reports that gave employees easy access to their results, as well as six dashboards that provided an overview of the overall results (which were not accessible to all employees).

The result was remarkable. The surveys received high marks for their content, user friendliness, and visual display, and the data collected provided valuable insights that will help guide future initiatives.

Interested in Quintops help?

Is there a need within your organisation to map employee engagement? From the selection and implementation of the most suitable HR technology to project and change management during the transformation – Quintop can guide your organisation throughout the entire end-to-end digital HR transformation. Our Quintoppers are results-oriented and ensure successful project realisation within the given timeline.