Optimalisation project

HR Shared Services Centre (HR SSC)

The client is a large, worldwide company in logistic real estate. The objective of the assignment was to streamline and improve the HR processes executed by the HR Shared Services Centre for Europe. And with that, contribute to the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the HR function while improving the employee experience at the same time.

Problem statement

Where the HR Shared Services Centre (HR SSC) was expected to support 14 countries in Europe, the core HR processes were not designed or streamlined. Roles and responsibilities for line manager, recruitment, HR Business Partners and HR SSC team were unclear. Besides frustration for all internal stakeholders, this resulted in incomplete HR data entry, recurring issues for payroll and benefits processes and an Employee Experience below par.


The HR SSC team was not set-up for success. There was never a proper hand-over from local to this team and the wider European HR community did not feel the shared responsibility for a good Employee Experience in the HR administration and payroll processes.

Where Quintop came in

Quintop started with creating a shared company view on the ‘the moments that matter’ in the Employee Journey. From this we derived the key topics for the HR SSC to create a great Employee Experience. We then designed the overarching Europe processes for joiners-movers-leavers in a detailed process diagram, describing the actors and activities in each process end-to-end. Unnecessary steps were eliminated and opportunities for automation were seized. The most intense piece of work was to detail the pension and benefits activities for each separate country and to define their local deviations required to run legally compliant processes. All was documented in End-to-End Standard Operating Procedures (work instructions) describing each process step for the HR SSC in detail with print screens.

The result

The HR SSC team was empowered in their activities to execute the aligned and streamlined joiners-movers-leavers processes for 14 European countries. The HR data quality improved and payroll and benefits issues were prevented. During the whole project we “kept our eyes on the ball”; providing a great Employee Experience!

Does your organisation need help designing and streamlining HR processes within your Shared Services Centre? With HR-operating model & GBS as one of our areas of expertise, Quintop is the right partner to optimise this transition within your organisation. We do this together with you as a client, without losing sight of the end goal. Feel free to contact us, without obligation, to talk about how Quintop can help your organisation.