Real (slow) change at semi-government

The ‘Nationale Hypotheek Garantie’ demanded a lasting shift in behavior. Traditional methods had previously been employed to tackle successive changes, often requiring significant effort and extensive programs, yet yielding consistently unsatisfactory results. It was evident that a fresh approach to organizational change was needed, and this was where Quintop excelled.

A Gradual Transformation

Following several discussions with the management, the concept of a ‘slow change’ program emerged. In collaboration with various teams of employees, six fundamental principles were identified as guiding lights for all future innovations. These principles encompassed strategy, operational excellence, result-oriented work, as well as cultural and behavioural aspects, all of which were seamlessly integrated into daily operations. This time, there was no grand thematic strategy; instead, changes were made in smaller increments that affected both management and employees positively, aligning with the organisation’s specific needs.

An Exemplar of Progress

To illustrate this new approach, the revamping of the performance review cycle was used as an example. It was an area ripe for transformation, and by applying these established principles during the development of the new cycle, a direct link to performance management (an integral part of result-oriented work) was established. This approach allowed all stakeholders to easily comprehend how the change would impact them personally. Remarkably, this change was successfully implemented within two months due to widespread acceptance of the basic principles and the immediate personal relevance it held for everyone involved.

Sustainable Anchoring

The new principles of operation were embraced for a minimum of one and a half years, providing the slow change initiative with a clear (and possible) endpoint. This prevented individuals from growing weary of the initiative and instead encouraged their continued support. The widespread acceptance of the principles and the concept of slow change meant that innovation was continuously embraced at all levels of the organisation, characterised by incremental improvements. These six principles remained at the heart of these endeavours, ensuring that everyone in the organisation not only witnessed the results but also identified with the established changes.

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