Managing change in a changing environment

An international company specialised in medical technology asked Quintop to help the change management as being part of the implementation of a transformation programme in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa). The aim was to achieve sustainable growth for the company through the following pillars: Commercial Excellence, Pricing & Transformation. The company needed to change processes and integrate them with systems that would provide more automation and data-driven working. This would result in a more strategic approach and money savings, which could be reinvested in the business.

Problem statement

Successful implementation of a transformation programme requires more than just changing processes and systems. You cannot underestimate the impact of the changes on the people who have to work with them. Employees have often worked in a specific way for years and have become used to it. It is therefore essential to have a thorough and structured approach to the changes, taking into account the impact on employees and helping them adapt to the new way of working.

Such a transformation requires specific knowledge and experience, which is why Quintop was brought in to guide the organisation through the changes.


One of the biggest challenges was to get employees excited about the transformation that would affect them. The changes were going to have a huge impact on their daily work. In addition, several changes were being implemented simultaneously, which added to the challenge. Finally, there had not been such a big transformation in a long time, which was an additional challenge because people simply are not used to it.

TWhere Quintop came in

Quintop provided a Change Manager for the transformation programme and developed a strategic communication plan. To ensure the success of the programme, Quintop emphasised that communicating a coherent story to employees was one of the key ingredients.

Enough time was taken to tell the story of change. Employees were involved throughout the process in resolving any issues that emerged. Quintop’s external perspective, unfamiliar with the organisation’s industry, combined with experience from similar assignments at other companies provided a fresh perspective in solving problems and translating them throughout the company. Quintop facilitated the organisation with knowledge on change management and guided them in how to use this in future changes. Quintop’s change manager co-developed the change management strategy and operating procedure for this organisation, based on the ADKAR methodology.

The result

Transforming an organisation does not happen overnight. During the change process, certain components were completed, while at the same time new projects and improvement initiatives were added. It is often difficult to maintain a clear focus on change management throughout the madness of the day. Engaging a Senior HR Consultant of Quintop – as the overarching Change Manager for this EMEA-wide transformation – ensured throughout the project that focus was maintained and all initiatives were integrated into the bigger picture in a logical and streamlined manner. Quintop’s flexible approach is crucial here. This eventually ensures a better experience for employees.

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