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Quintop helped an organisation with improving their midyear conversation participation rate and updating their company handbook. This organisation certifies businesses all over the world for the best practices. Their certification programme enables organisations to assess and improve the workplace environment.

Problem statement

The midyear conversations did not have a high participation rate and not many people were engaging with the conversation. It is important for employees to speak openly and freely with managers in frequent moments to assess the simple question of ‘How are you doing?’ not just professionally but also personally. The pandemic really reiterated this message and ensuring a healthy wellbeing of employees. The handbook of the company had not been updated for 7 years and required imperative updates and also increased interactivity within it.


There were challenges with regards to meeting deadlines, and sticking to the preallocated timelines when it came to the handbook. The handbook was an enjoyable project, however it required numerous revisions and multiple individuals as contact points to update it fully, as it contained official information.


The format of questions changed and were conducted via their HR system instead which improved accessibility. The questions were reformulated to address real topics that emerged as a result of the transition to remote work The midyear conversations proved to be successful by means of increased participation rates and satisfactory results that were happily reported out companywide once live. Regarding the handbook, an interim HRBP was brought into the process midway to help with the workload of the handbook. Through plenty of collaboration throughout the company a handbook was created that is set to be published by the organisation.

Where Quintop came in

As a junior PMO HR analyst within this organisation we were helping to provide structure to the current HR practice. With our pragmatic approach and passion for the subject of human centricity, we also assisted in designing the midyear conversations and collected data for which we then created insights from the data. Further, we helped to modify, redesign and update the company handbook.

The result

The result, a modernised and brand-new company handbook and improved midyear conversations that massively increased engagement and helped in assessing overall satisfaction of the company’s human centric way of working. Participation rates increased from 27% to 73%. Another interesting discovery was seen that 67% of participants would like to collaborate or incorporate additional resources within the next half year to year so as to improve their careers to now be further addressed within this organisation.

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