Successful digital HR transformation

ServiceNow implementation for a global organisation

This global business software organisation approached Quintop to realise the implementation of a new HR services tool, including an employee portal, for their new Global Business Services (GBS) Centre.

Problem Statement

The client decided to no longer outsource and transition to in-house Global Business Services. To facilitate HR service processes within the company and fulfil the associated communication and reporting needs, a new HR services tool (ServiceNow) was required.


The company’s goal was to implement ServiceNow within a span of five months, as the contract with the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) partner had already been terminated by the client. Additionally, ServiceNow served as a tool to further digitise the company. The challenge for Quintop’s project manager was to maximise process optimisation before services were taken over by the in-house GBS centre. Furthermore, the inexperienced technical implementation partner provided little value in process optimisation, prompting Quintop to bring in functional expertise alongside project management.

Where Quintop came in

Establishing the core features that the system needed to contain (Minimum Viable Product or MVP) and prioritising them correctly were crucial. This was essential to delivering something within five months that the new GBS centre in Portugal had to take over HR services from the BPO partner. Optimised HR processes were developed in workshops, followed by the formulation of minimal requirements (user stories) for the technical development team. Sample processes were described and tested in the testing phase with the chosen group of testers. Additionally, the new GBS HR team was trained for the go-live. Following the stabilisation of the ServiceNow MVP launch, Quintop’s project manager continued working with the GBS HR team to expand the  service portal, to develop new services, and to enhance existing services. All of this was done with the goal of standardisation, further automation, and an improved employee experience.

The Result

Under Quintop’s leadership, the MVP of the new HR services tool was successfully launched according to the planned timeline. The GBS HR team was ready to take over services for 24 countries. Quintop’s project manager remained actively involved during a hypercare period of one month, after which an excellent foundation was established. The Quintop project manager continued to be involved in guiding subsequent phases of ServiceNow optimisation. By now, a new integrated service portal is live, and existing services and processes are further optimised and automated. Quintop contributed to a culture of continuous improvement through agile collaboration with a new technical implementation partner and with internal stakeholders.

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