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Successful implementation

A continuous workforce management system

A multinational company contacted us to help implement Fieldglass, a contingent workforce management system.

Problem Statement

Our client encountered challenges in managing their contingent workers, due to diverse ways of working across countries, limited global processes, and the absence of supportive systems. The client had chosen Fieldglass as the system for managing the contingent workforce and a Managed Service Provider (MSP) as the party. They initiated the implementation process with a technical Fieldglass implementation partner. Seeking a more structured approach and comprehensive project- and change management during implementation, the client turned to Quintop for guidance.


The challenges of this project stemmed from the various methods of managing contingent workers in different countries. This led to the involvement of numerous stakeholders with diverse requirements and local needs. Additionally, each country had a unique structure, with HR and procurement playing distinct roles in managing contingent workers. An additional obstacle was the collection of data from diverse sources related to contingent workers.


To ensure a successful implementation, we developed a standardised implementation approach as part of the global rollout. We started with a pilot phase, followed by the rollout in other countries. The implementation took place in various stages, with a maximum of two countries running at the same time. For each country, we conducted an assessment to understand local needs and identify different stakeholders involved in the implementation. Based on this information, the implementation was tailored while keeping the agreed-upon approach in mind. Within the central project team, we collaborated closely with the technical Fieldglass implementation partner, HR and Procurement, and business representatives. Additionally, throughout this period, we worked closely with local HR, procurement, and business representatives in each country.

Where Quintop came in

We provided a project manager who was responsible for managing the project team, including Fieldglass experts, HR and Procurement, IT, change and communication, and the Managed Service Provider.

The Result

The implementation of Fieldglass has been successfully completed in the countries with the highest expenditure on flexible labour, laying the foundation for further rollout. We have designed global standardised processes, outsourced the management of the service provider, and conducted validations for each country to ensure local needs were met. The system now holds both hours registration and invoicing for contingent workers.

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