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Global Operating Model implementation and strategic outsourcing

A global enterprise software organisation asked Quintop to implement a new HR Operating Model with outsourcing of the HR services to a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) partner.

Problem statement

The organisation with approximately 3,500 employees in 24 countries, had a history of decentralised management and local entrepreneurship. The company was was removed from the stock exchange by a private equity firm and centralisation and standardisation of support functions was initiated. The objective of the project was to implement a new global HR Operating Model in which the operational HR services would be outsourced.


The Quintop project manager led the complete HR Transformation program for the implementation of the target HR Operating Model with BPO route and the parallel implementation of the ERP system for HR. Because the company was completely decentralized, there were no overarching HR policies, nor aligned HR roles and responsibilities, processes, systems or data defined. We started from scratch.

Where Quintop came in

The HR Operating Model and the roles and responsibilities for Centres of Expertise (CoE), HR Business Partners and HR Operations were defined and implemented. Then the global process model (HR taxonomy) and global HR processes were designed as the basis for the new HR system and outsourcing. In a short and powerful selection process, the BPO partner with location Poland was chosen. The ERP software system for HR was then implemented in all 24 countries in a phased approach, followed by the outsourcing of the operational HR services to the BPO party.

The result

As result of the project, HR has central CoE for policies, HR Business Partners for the local business and an outsourced HR services centre for handling operational HR tasks. With the new Operating model and ERP system HR is now centrally organised and globally harmonised. The first significant cost savings have been recorded and the foundation is in place for further optimisation.

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