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Establishment of a new Global Business Services Centre

This worldwide organisation in business software asked Quintop to realise the insourcing of HR services to a new, in-house Global Business Services centre in Portugal. A challenging task with a clear deadline.

Problem statement

In the outsourced Shared Services situation, the client saw little process optimisation from the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) partner during the long-term contract. Also, in the field of Employee Experience, innovation with the external party did not work out.


The client’s goal was to insource to an in-house Global Business Services (GBS) centre in Portugal. The goal was to radically automate, reduce costs and improve the Employee Experience at the same time. The challenge for the Quintop project manager was to ensure that the basis for this was realised within a five month timeframe because the contract with the BPO partner had already been terminated by the client.

Where Quintop came in

The Quintop project manager immediately defined the insourcing project governance, project plan and timelines. Finalising the new staffing plan was top priority to initiate recruitment for the new GBS centre in Portugal. Exit agreements were made with the BPO partner, located in Poland, in which knowledge transfer and hypercare were agreed. The project manager worked closely with the project manager for the implementation of the service tooling (named ‘ServiceNow’) and the project manager for the finance insourcing.

The result

Under Quintop’s leadership, the insourcing successfully went live according to the planned timeline. The HR team in GBS, with twelve new employees, was trained and ready to take over services for 24 countries. After a two-month hypercare by the BPO partner, the HR Services team worked completely independently. Quintop ensured that an excellent foundation was in place to further automate, save costs and improve the Employee Experience.

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