Efficient data migration when implementing a Personnel and Payroll system

The HRM department of ABVAKABO FNV, a trade union with over 350,000 members, has implemented a new personnel information and payroll administration system (PSA system). Quintop has played an important role in the project management and project support.

Efficient data migration

As part of the implementation, personal data from all employees was automatically validated. The checked and corrected data could then easily be imported into the new PSA system. In addition, various HR schemes and processes were examined. Data was centrally validated and enriched by what was defined in the collective labour agreements, procedures and other relevant sources. Data that was not registered in the old PSA system was validated, enriched and imported into the new PSA system. With specific knowledge of and experience with HR systems, Quintop has made a significant contribution to the efficient development of data migration.

Next assignment due to success

The successful implementation of this project led Quintop to be awarded an even larger contract at a later stage. With several Quintoppers, this time the management and support for the establishment and roll-out of an ESS/MSS system was organised entirely by Quintop. This system elaborated on the previously implemented PSA system. A few months later, all personal administration was centrally regulated in one single system.

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