Digital HR transformation - shaking hands

Selection and implementation

HR technology for employee engagement research

A global organisation in the financial sector reached out for support to select and implement a new HR technology solution for employee engagement surveys.

Problem statement

The aim of the organisation is to create a data driven culture and people strategy. This calls for an organisation where HR data is collected via employee listening, readily available to predict people trends.

It was key to partner up with a vendor that was able to enable scalability and perform advanced analytics on the collected data.


Some of the challenges this project faced were tight timelines to ensure the already planned employee engagement surveys could continue. Additionally, ensuring the new solution was fully compliant according to the relevant risk and security standards. Lastly, training the team in using the new tool alongside running the business as usual programme.

Where Quintop came in

This called for a specialist in Digital HR Transformation. Quintop took the lead in the journey to find the right partner. Our experienced project manager collected all the requirements for the new solution, covering multiple aspects such as business requirements as well as data privacy and IT security requirements. In order to select the right partner a market scan was performed and vendors Invited to present their solutions. After a thorough selection process, where each solution was assessed and scored against the requirements, the final contract was awarded to the vendor that proved to be the best fit with the organisation. After that, Quintop took the lead in the implementation of the employee engagement survey.

The result

After an effective selection and implementation, the newly established partnership between client and vendor enabled the client to continuously gain employee driven insights.

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