Designing new terms of employment

For several years, the organisation has wanted to update and especially modernise its terms of employment. In that context, Quintop Management Consultants held a workshop on terms of employment policy with the MT and with the Works Council. Following that, MT and the Works Council formulated several principles in a joint session. The text of these principles was then determined. The next step was to translate these principles into the modernisation of terms of employment in a joint MT and Works Council process. The objective was to draw up a rough outline of the modernised terms of employment, to which MT and the Works Council would agree and which had sufficient support among employees. We had already provided a rough outline for this. This was discussed and, with some adjustments, approved.

Co-creation as the basis

The further approach involved a co-creation process in which MT and the Works Council participate. Such a trajectory takes more time but delivers great gains in the phase of creating support and decision-making.

We identified three main topics for the co-creation trajectory:
– Sustainable employability and customisation
– Rewards
– Updating and modernising the text

Upon request, we started with an information session in which MT and the Works Council explained the shared principles and the proposed co-creation process.

To make the follow-up process as effective as possible, we then started with a kick-off meeting for all participants in the co-creation process. By doing so, we ensured that the approaches of the various main topics became comparable and the outcomes easier to combine into one result.

One or more co-creation sessions were held per topic. We prepared the content and processes, supervised the process and recorded the results. Some topics required more time than others, which is why the time investment varied per topic.

The outcomes of the co-creation sessions were presented to MT and the Works Council. A joint session was then held with MT and the Works Council, in which the outcomes were discussed and decision-making took place. The outcome of this joint session was recorded in a ‘rough draft’, a document outlining the new terms of employment.

Co-creation could only take place when there was a clear basis. Therefore, before the co-creation process, an inventory of the terms of employment was made according to a standard format we used, and data were mapped to make necessary calculations. This information served as input for the co-creation.

Communication is key

Throughout the project, there was a great deal of communication, which was supportive of the process and of gaining support. There was constant consultation with the client. The co-creation process ended with the presentation of the new terms of employment to the employees.

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