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Reorganising customer service

The management of Allianz wanted more insight and efficiency in their customer contact and requests of the car insurance department. There was still little insight into customer service processes at that time. The fixation of customer contacts (over the telephone) was also not entirely consistent. This resulted a low availability of relevant data with which management could steer the operation. Quintopper Wilco helped in the creation of management reports and helped with increasing the overall efficiency.


With a two-day quick Scan (interviews & desk research) and a coordinated tally action, the (telephone) traffic was recorded and analyzed in a very short period of time. The main findings were:

  • 25% less customer contacts than estimated.
  • A sub-optimal employee occupancy.
  • Customer friendliness could improve.
  • Many phone calls were disappearing due to low availability.
  • Limited technical possibilities to create reports.


On the basis of these findings, we offered a set of recommendations. The downsizing of the department, drafting a communication plan and implementing a modern, full-service customer contact center were the most important among them. These recommendations were implemented, with Quintopper Wilco taking on the role of project leader.

Full-service contact center

This resulted in a downsize of 30% with the car insurance department and an improvement of the workload per employee ratio. All employees were trained in commercial -, service – & hospitality skills. By means of those trainings, skills such as cross-selling, attitude and effective communication were greatly improved. This allowed the department to operate as an efficient full-service contact center only half a year later.

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