Our Quintoppers are proactive consultants who are eager to help your company temporarily fulfill the needs of your organisation.

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Our seconded employees are ready to support organisations where it’s needed. We aim to find the perfect match between our employees’ skills and the needs of your project. Secondment with Quintop is a strategic choice for organisations that require flexibility and access to specialised talent. Our goal is to assist your organisation in achieving success and growth in a dynamic business environment.

Quintop’s Seconded Employees

Secondment work at Quintop offers organisations the opportunity to benefit from our expertise and flexible staffing solutions. We understand your organisation’s unique needs and can quickly deploy qualified professionals to tackle specific projects and tasks.

Benefits of Secondment Work at Quintop HR Consultants:

  • Flexibility: Our services provide organisations with the flexibility to respond quickly to changing staffing requirements and needs. You can access the required specialist skills without long-term employment commitments.
  • Speed: Our extensive network of professionals enables us to swiftly find and deploy qualified candidates, ensuring your projects can commence without delay.
  • Specialisation: Quintop boasts a wide range of specialists in various fields, allowing your organisation to leverage high-quality expertise.
  • Risk Management: By collaborating with us, you minimise employer-related risks. Our professionals remain formally employed by our agency, providing you with peace of mind.
  • Knowledge Sharing: Our seconded professionals bring valuable experience and best practices, potentially leading to improvements within your organisation.
  • Career Development: For professionals, secondment work at Quintop offers the opportunity to enhance their skills, explore different organisations and industries, and gain valuable experience in a supportive environment.
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