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Business Analyst

A Quintop Business Analyst is a professional who analyses and improves business processes. They focus on understanding the current organisational situation, identifying future needs, and creating solutions to help businesses achieve their goals.

Business Analyst

Our analysts are here to support your business with detailed analyses and strategic advice. This can range from conducting a thorough analysis of your business processes, advising on new technological solutions, guiding a business transformation, or developing a new business model. A Quintop analyst can take on various roles, from advisor to project or change manager. We are experts in business analysis, we provide insight through data-driven analyses and our advice is actionable. Our clients often ask us to implement the advice, which is why they usually ask us to do so.

Quintop’s Business Analyst

Quintop analysts have extensive and up-to-date knowledge of effective and efficient business processes, solutions, and legal regulations. They are known for diving efficiently into the issue, making sharp analyses to deliver results as quickly as possible.

Quintop analysts possess the following competencies:

  • The analysts are passionate about what they do, they naturally act proactively and think customer-oriented
  • They have a great sense of responsibility, integrity is a matter of course
  • Analysing issues to come up with pragmatic solutions is not a challenge, even in a complex or dynamic environment
  • They have a great affinity with business transformation and have the knowledge, education, and skills to succeed
  • They are capable of carrying out assignments, either independently or under supervision, and delivering top quality
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