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Divestment, mergers and acquisitions are strategic actions taken by companies to ultimately achieve growth. The strategy behind this is very important to achieve the intended results. In the case of divestments, executives surveyed, identify serious shortcomings in this strategy to prevent the goals from being achieved. We drive the change around the people impact to actually maximise your benefits.

We always find the solution: The pieces of the puzzle fit together

Divestment, mergers and acquisitions involve complex processes and at Quintop, we prioritise collaboration and partnership, especially when working on high impact transformations. We prefer to work closely with your leadership team, legal advisors, and other stakeholders to ensure an efficient process. Our goal is to empower you with expertise needed to make informed decisions, mitigate risks, and unlock the potential of your strategic transactions. At the same time, we guide your HR-team and employees through these processes.

What Quintop can do for you

  • Merging of (management) teams: during a merger or acquisition, organisations often struggle to merge. Here, we support organisations in merging different management teams to create a good basis for the ‘new’ organisation.
  • Managing resistance: Actions such as these create a lot of resistance within an organisation. In this, Quintop can support by managing the people with resistance in the right way, so that they understand the change.
  • Harmonisation of working conditions: When several organisations come together, different terms of employment also come together. We specialise in bringing these together to develop appropriate terms and conditions of employment.
  • Job structure: A strategic change like this often also changes an organisation’s job structure. Together with the organisation, we can draft this new job structure so that the foundations of the organisation are in place.
  • Change management: We lead the human side of a change like this to properly guide employees in this and get people on board with a change.

We assist clients with the realisation of divestments, mergers, and acquisitions. We do this from design to implementation. We focus on the human side of these changes, which is very important for a successful process. In short: we support organisations in designing and implementing strategic transactions to make them successful.

Want to know more about the possibilities in the field of divestment, mergers and acquisitions? At Quintop, we are always ready to walk you to through the possibilities and start as soon as possible.

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