Services Tooling

Quintop HR Consultants helps to select and implement the tooling needed for the HR Services of the future. As an independent party, we arrive at the best solution for case management, chatbot or other technology to support your service delivery model.

The right Services Tooling for your HR Service Delivery Model

To support the HR Service Delivery Model, it is essential to select and implement the right technology. It means having a clear self-service strategy based on the HR system. But technology that fully supports shared services, global business services or outsourced services usually requires more than the HR system. Think for example of chatbot technology complementary to the knowledge platform, case management tooling and technology for contact with the services centre.

Quintop selects and implements the best solution

At Quintop HR Consultants, we have extensive experience in selecting and implementing the right services tooling. To determine the best solution for your organisation, we go through the following steps:

  1. What is the strategy within your service delivery model?
    Together we analyse the best self-service and contact strategy for your company. Usually it is an interplay between the central HR system, other HR platforms, e.g. for Learning or Performance Management, and a case management system. Self-service should be supported by a new or existing HR portal as a “landing place” and knowledge platform. How can employees easily find their own way to HR knowledge and HR Services? Service, convenience and a the ability to find everything in one place (one-stop-shop) are central to a differentiating Employee Experience.
  2. Which technology optimally supports your service delivery model?
    We then determine how the overall service delivery model is supported. We look for a digital platform for end-to-end process efficiency. Here we work closely with the support functions in the company so that the technology supports IT, Finance or Facilities services in addition to HR. The benefits for one solution are clear: more scalability, a better Employee Experience as well as better insights for cross-functional improvements.
  3. What is the plan for implementation?
    After selecting and contracting the technology and the technical implementation partner, Quintop leads the HR implementation. We work shoulder to shoulder with your organization and support all aspects of the system implementation including change management.

The results of the right Services Tooling

With the right technology, collaboration, communication and sharing of data and documents are efficiently supported. The foundation is laid for continuous improvement of services and the Employee Experience.

Together with Quintop be ready for the HR Services of the future?
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