Global Business Services implementation

For a Global Business Services implementation, we design your future organisation and service delivery model for the most efficient, effective and scalable HR Services. We lead a structured transition with attention to change management and people impact.

Accelerating through Global Business Services

Global Business Services (GBS) is grouping a company’s support functions, such as Finance, Procurement, IT and Human Resources (HR) into a cross-functional structure. To achieve the most effective improvements in processes, technology and human resources, it is necessary to look at the entire picture rather than just individual parts. GBS is all about spotting, analysing, and exploiting these collective opportunities for the organisation.

The advantages of Global Business Services for your company

With GBS, supporting functions add extra value to your organisation by:

  • Cross-functional optimisations: Exploiting collective opportunities.
  • Deploying intelligent automation: Making better, long-term investment decisions.
  • Higher productivity, and lower cost: Saving beyond centralisation and labour arbitrage.
  • Global and virtual teams: Recruiting the best talent, regardless of company location.
  • Data analytics to the next Level: Gaining power for analytical skills and tools.
  • Professionalised governance and decision-making: Strengthening the organisational competence to professionalise and execute strategies.

GBS comes in many shapes and sizes: with regional or global centres, a balance between onshore, nearshore, and offshore services and combining in-house and outsourced services.

Quintop takes you on the GBS journey

Quintop supports organisations in decision-making and implementation of Global Business Services as well as in optimising existing GBS structures. From leading the implementation programme for the HR-function specifically, to managing the people impact for all supporting functions. We apply our in-depth knowledge via the three pillars of transformation: People, Processes, and Systems. This translates into:

  1. People: We pay special attention to all people-related topics such as building the new teams, managing redundancies and leading change management activities;
  2. Processes: We design the HR Service Delivery model. We define the scope and determine the optimal mix of inhouse GBS centres with onshore/nearshore or offshore activities. We lead the transition with our structured methodology;
  3. Technology: We leverage our experience in digital HR transformations so that your tools support the service delivery and service levels you strive for.

With our global experience in GBS implementations, we guide you throughout your GBS journey. Understanding the unique nature of organisational strategies, our approach is always tailor-made for you.

Implementing GBS delivers higher value for businesses at lower costs due to cross-fertilisation of organisation, optimisation, knowledge, and resources. Are you embarking on a GBS journey? Please reach out to Quintop for expertise and experience!

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