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People analytics

Organisations are singing praise to the “power of data”, analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI), however making this dream a reality is not as straightforward as installing a piece of software and letting it do its thing. In fact, only 21% of HR leaders believe their organisations effectively use data to drive decision-making (Gartner, 2019). Wishing to have a seat at the organisation’s strategic table, HR departments aspire to become more data driven. But they either struggle to get started or hit roadblocks in their journey such as data quality (“garbage in, garbage out”), lack of stakeholder buy-in or lack of resources. Implementing People Analytics is a complex initiative and must be supported by experts for the best results. Luckily Quintop is an expert in this field.

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What is People Analytics?

People Analytics is the practice of using data and analytical tools to understand, improve and enhance workforce-related processes and outcomes. Using data sources such as engagement surveys, performance data, and turnover rates, People Analytics provides insights that enable HR departments and organisations to make faster and better-informed decisions.

HR has always been one of the most data-heavy departments of organisations, storing a vast amount of data about employees. Despite the potential it offers, this data has yet to be leveraged effectively. And this is not easy, especially given concerns such as legislation, ethics and data privacy.

Quintop’s role: From Strategy to Design to Implementation

We guide clients every step of the way. From design to implementation, we help you realise your data-driven HR strategy through People Analytics. Our services include:

  • People analytics strategy and business case determination: We help you define objectives, business cases and an appropriate People Analytics approach suited to your HR and organisational strategy.
  • Getting the basics right: Many organisations lack the foundation needed for successful People Analytics implementation. We help clients establish the basics: data definitions, data quality and data governance.
  • People Analytics technology selection: As an independent party, we assist your organisation in selecting the right tools. Moreover, we guide your people towards optimal usage of these tools to generate the desired insights.
  • People Analytics implementation and adoption: Our consultants can help you in implementing the defined People Analytics strategy and support the adoption by your organisation. In doing so we follow a project-based approach with a strong focus on communication and change management.

If People Analytics is well-established within your organisation, it will empower both your data and your HR function. We are excited to help your organisation to get there. Quintop is here to guide your efforts every step of the way.

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