HR-system selection and implementation

You are looking for a system that improves the employee experience, or your old system no longer meets your needs and requirements. But where do you start? How do you select the right system for your organisation? And how do you ensure its successful implementation? It’s not solely about selecting the most suitable system; it involves considering the entire landscape: the people, the processes, the communication, and the aftercare all play integral roles.

The process of selecting an HR system

Making a choice is challenging – there is a wide variety of solutions:

  1. There are many different HR core systems such as Workday, Successfactors, Oracle, AFAS.
  2. You can also choose HR niche systems that focus on specific processes such as recruitment, learning and development and People analytics.
  3. There is also an increase in the use of Service Delivery systems to automate and optimise HR service delivery (e.g., ServiceNow).
  4. The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) within digital HR solutions is a development that also offers interesting opportunities.

In short, there are many different directions you can take within digital HR. At Quintop we have insight into the (im)possibilities of solutions and we can help your organisation making the right choices.

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We lead and support the selection process, mapping out the wishes and requirements.

Then we assess which systems qualify. Request for Information (RFI) or Request for Proposal (RFP) processes are important following this so that the right choice can be made. This also applies to the selection of a (technical) implementation partner.

A successful implementation of an HR system

After choosing the right system, it is important to have a realistic project plan and change management plan. The project organisation, roles, and responsibilities in the project team (including those of the technical implementation partner) and an appropriate governance structure also need to be carefully considered.

Together, we are happy to create an implementation plan that suits your organisation and the chosen digital HR solution. Within an implementation, we see the following phases.


With the right preparation, selecting the suitable system, and crafting a well-developed implementation plan, a solid foundation is laid for a successful digital HR transformation. A strong project team is also a crucial component, comprising talented individuals from your organisation, and often project resources from the supplier of the chosen technology or a (technical) implementation partner. In addition to the technical aspects of the implementation, ensuring that project management, change management, and HR process optimisation roles are properly fulfilled is vital for a successful implementation.

What Quintop can do for you

As an independent party, we help you select the right HR systems and technical implementation partner and implement the chosen HR solutions successfully. In addition, we help your organisation with:

  1. Mapping wishes and requirements through workshops
  2. Guiding tenders (both Request for Information – RFI and Request for Proposal – RFP)
  3. Supervising negotiations and the conclusion of Service Level Agreements (SLAs).
  4. Developing and implementation, change, communication and training plan together with your organisation, the supplier and technical implementation partner.
  5. Leading the implementation of the plans, provide project and change management roles as well as HR content roles for, for example, process optimisations.

We are the experts and your trusted advisor in guiding (international) implementations of digital transformations.

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