End-to-end HR process optimisation

When using new HR technologies, it’s also important to review the HR processes. Quintop helps organisations in reviewing, renewing and optimising HR processes in line with the chosen digital HR strategy and solution.

End-to-end HR process optimisation

As an organisation you require optimal support in recruiting, managing, developing and rewarding of employees. Selecting the right digital HR solution will help your organisation, but you will also need to look at the HR processes. Are the processes in line with the process flows supported by the system? Can we find optimisations and more efficient ways of working? Can processes such as approval flows be more user friendly? What about compliancy as part of the processes? The implementation of a new digital HR solution provides a great opportunity to review and redesign your HR processes. It’s a holistic end-to-end process approach that will put HR in a better position to contribute to the HR strategy and employee experience.

What Quintop can do for you

Identification HR processes

Your organisation might already have the current HR processes mapped in process flows. This will help identifying which processes will be impacted. If not, we can support you in identifying the current HR processes. We will also support the identification of other relevant processes to be considered and included in the process design sessions. Together with your organisation’s process experts, technical experts and Subject Matter Experts we can develop a process design approach and planning.

Agree design criteria

Before designing the processes, it’s crucial to reach an agreement on design criteria. What are the fundamental criteria that the processes should adhere to? The design criteria are important to start with and to agree upon together with the key stakeholders. During the process design sessions these criteria will have an important role in driving the design and will be a guidance when decisions need to be made.

Collaborative HR process development and optimisation

Together with the organisations’ process experts, subject matter experts and technical experts we run the process design workshops and ensure (new) processes are mapped. We will challenge the process design, keeping in line with the design principles and ensuring the focus is on the new way of working.

Follow up: Provide input required for configuration and change management

The process design provides important input for the configuration of the new system, in most cases captured in a configuration workbook. In addition, we help aligning the output of the process design session with the change impact which will be an important driver for change management activities.

Want to know more about digital HR process optimisation? We are happy to help you with a solution that suits you best. Quintop will help your organisation level up.

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