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Digital HR Transformation

Digital transformations: there’s no getting around them anymore. Over the past years, top 500 companies have been going through digital transformations of all sorts, striving for agility, efficiency, and innovation. Within HR, we use digital transformations to improve user and candidate experience, standardise, and develop data analytics capabilities.

With over 25 years of experience and knowledge of the latest trends, we have insight into the (im)possibilities of solutions and help customers make the right choices. Selecting the right HR solution is not enough. We create a perfect fit for purpose HR transformation approach and help your organisation with implementation and adoption. We can also help you (re)design end-to-end HR processes, optimise data quality and change the technological architecture and integrations between systems.

What Quintop can do for you

As an independent HR consultancy firm we support organisations to manage the different elements of an HR transformation. Together with our client we lead the implementation and the change. Our strength lies in thinking from your organisation’s perspective and understanding the specific needs.

Quintop is fully system and supplier independent. The goal for us is not the purchase of a new HR system, but rather the creation of a desired HR organisation that is optimally supported by right technology that improves the employee experience, simplifies business processes and enables better data-driven decision-making.

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