The real future of the HR professional

The use of data in organisations has become increasingly more important as technological developments facilitate the gathering and storing of data in ever greater amounts. Same applies for HR departments where you see a rise in data-driven decision-making, better known as ‘people analytics’.

Recently, we identified four effective implementation actions which could lead you towards a successful analytics strategy within your organisation. One of them included the development of a data driven mind- and skillset within HR (Quintop, 2019). However, even till this day, only a minority of HR professionals seem to have the right skills and knowledge to use simple metrics in order to gain valuable insights by using people analytics (Diclaudio, 2019). No surprise that you may wonder what a data driven mind- and skillset within HR exactly means. Darren Aletoe conducted research on this topic and has shared his findings in our most recent whitepaper on people analytics.

In this new whitepaper, we will further explore ‘the data driven mind- and skillset’ component. To do so, the whitepaper will start at the core, meaning we will first do a deep dive into the current developments impacting the HR sector. What does this environment mean for the role of an HR professional? Which capabilities are essential to overcome the present challenges? Finally, with the help of a scientific literature review and interviews conducted with different HR executives, we reveal you two main competences that HR professionals should possess in order to derive value from data, now and in the future.