Total workforce management

Total Workforce Management

The emergence of Total Workforce Management

Challenges in managing permanent staff & contingent workers

In today’s economy there have been developments that significantly changed the way employer and employee view and participate in their professional life. Having a full-time job at a single employer has been the norm for decades, but nowadays organizations do not solely hire employees on the basis of a fixed term contract. Flexible, part time and contingent workers are part of the engine of success of modern, multinational organisations. Hence, there is a growing organizational need to formulate an approach how to centrally manage the total workforce, which includes contingent workers on the one hand and traditional employees on the other (Ardent Partners, 2017).

In this whitepaper we will first discuss the concept of Total Workforce Management (TWM) and the trends that have led to the emergence of TWM. Moreover, we will highlight several benefits and stakeholder challenges in the implementation of this model, as well as our approach and vision to this topic.

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