Traineeship & Trainees

The Development of the Traineeship Program

Marlis is a consultant at Quintop HR Consultants and initiator of the Traineeship Program. This is a 2-year program in which starters are rapidly developed into professional consultants.

Why did Quintop set up this program?

There are several reasons. First of all, we notice that companies have a strong need for ambitious starters who can perform various roles and has a fresh look at the organisation. In addition, it appears that for starters the ‘gap’ between university and working life is often considered large. By means of a program, this so-called gap reduces quickly due to various challenging assignments and a lot of attention for personal and professional development. So, it’s actually a win-win situation for both the client as well as the starter. The client gets an ambitious starter who develops quickly on a personal and professional level and rapidly adds value. The starter combines working with learning and thus builds a bridge between university and working life.

How did you come up with this program?

In the development of the program, the set goal has continuously been pursued: We want a distinctive and excellent Traineeship, in which there is an optimal connection between the requirements of the customer, the trainees and (with this) Quintop. In order to meet these requirements, an analysis has been carried out with both customers, ambitious starters and consultants of Quintop. In addition, an external research has been carried out to gain insight in the success factors of such programs and how other companies created their program. We have integrated this information, and this has led to the program that is now running within Quintop.

What does the program entail?

We want to offer the trainees challenging assignments at the client, intensive development possibilities and professional and personal coaching.

As far as development is available, the Quintop trainees has the following main clusters for training:

  • Personal development
  • Communication skills
  • Project & proces management
  • HR
  • Acquisition

The first year focuses on the basis and during the second year there is a deepening on the above clusters. There is also sufficient flexible space within the program, so that parts of the program can be custom-made to fit their own needs.

In addition, everyone at Quintop has a mentor. At Quintop we have mentors for development interviews, for coaching, and for questions and concerns.

What characterises a true trainee?

Before the start of the program we thought about what a trainee should know, should be able to do and what attitude they should have before and after finishing the program. Regarding the profile of the trainee, it became clear that a university level of education with relevant extracurricular activities was desired. There also needs to be a fit with Quintop: someone must have the so-called Quintop DNA. This represents passion, pragmatism, result orientation and authenticity.

What has it brought you to set this up?

Energy and enthusiasm! I myself am working now for two and a half years and so I also recently dealt with the switch from university to working life. Therefore, I really enjoyed working on this assignment! In addition, I get energy from researching something to be able to create, based on the obtained information. That there is a traineeship Program now at Quintop with enthusiastic participants, to me is just fantastic. And when my assignment at the client allows it, I like to join the trainings of traineeship!

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