Marlis Krooshof

The mind behind the development programs at Quintop

This week, we met with the mind behind the development programmes at Quintop: Marlis Krooshof. With great enthusiasm, Marlis talks about her transition from senior HR consultant to Talent & Development Manager at Quintop: “Enabling development for both the organisation and the individual is something I find fantastic. With my background in occupational and organisational psychology and HR consultancy, I have a fascination for people and work.” Her career began in 2015, and she has since undertaken interesting client assignments at various organisations. However, her desire grew to focus more and more on talent and development. “Quintop provided me with the opportunity to make this transition, and I have now been working as a Talent & Development Manager for over a year.”

Development Programs

To support the development of Quintop employees, Marlis has taken various initiatives, including the establishment of a traineeship for newcomers and the Personal Leadership Program for (senior) HR consultants. Additionally, she serves as a mentor and coach for several trainees and also conducts a number of training sessions within the trainee program. Marlis gives us an insight into the two important programs:

The Traineeship: This intensive two-year program offers university graduates and young professionals the opportunity to rapidly develop into HR consultants. In addition to challenging assignments with prominent clients, participants have the opportunity to develop both personally and professionally. This includes 25 training sessions, peer coaching sessions, and mentorship discussions.

The Personal Leadership Program: This program is specifically designed to guide (senior) HR consultants towards roles with significant responsibilities within projects and programs. They achieve this through self-directed learning, group sessions and activities, and guidance from a mentor.

Marlis Krooshof en Wilco Botenbal die in een overleg een glimlach uitwisselen

Goals of the Programs

The aim of the traineeship is to train the trainees from Junior HR Consultant to HR Consultant, equipping them with all the necessary knowledge and skills to perform this role effectively and professionally. This is achieved partly through structured training situations, but mostly by gaining relevant work experience (and reflections on it).

With the Personal Leadership Program, Quintop has several objectives in mind. Marlis explains: “Firstly, we want to assist HR consultants in developing strong leadership skills, such as effective communication, decision-making, and the ability to lead teams. Additionally, we aim to increase self-awareness and the capacity for self-directed learning so that consultants can shape their own development in a way that suits them.” The Personal Leadership Program also appears to contribute to creating a sense of community: “Perhaps the most beautiful aspect is that HR professionals share their experiences and, as a result, learn a lot from each other.”

Future Developments

Marlis understands the benefits of ongoing development of the programs: “We are constantly working on improving and expanding the traineeship and the Personal Leadership Program. We listen to participant feedback and adapt the program to better meet their needs and expectations.”

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