Rick Weijers

Promoted to Senior HR Consultant at Quintop

Congratulations on your new role, Rick! That’s a nice start to the new year.
Thanks! It feels great to start 2023 as a senior consultant. I look forward to being able to contribute more and more at the companies I get to work for. Moreover, I now also get the opportunity to mentor one or more High Potentials in their development in the coming year.

You made so much progress in a short time. What helped you grow so quickly to Senior HR Consultant?
Fun, drive and also definitely a dose of luck. I simply enjoy my work, want to work hard to satisfy clients and I am grateful for the opportunities and circumstances that have allowed me to prove myself. I have also benefited enormously from the support and guidance of my colleagues and managers, for example in the personal leadership programme that all medior and senior consultants participate in at Quintop. Last summer, we spent a day and a half on a 20-metre sailing ship. Together we had to make sure the ship kept sailing; we were challenged to take turns at the steering wheel. Here I experienced again what it is like to be incredibly outside my comfort zone and how I act as a leader at such times. You reflect and learn a huge amount from each other during these days.

What are you most looking forward to in your new role?
I am very much looking forward to working with a wide variety of international clients, with increasing responsibilities and solving their unique challenges. In addition, mentoring one or more of our own junior colleagues is also something that really appeals to me. Although there is obviously still a lot to learn, I am looking forward to this experience immensely.

You started in Quintop’s trainee programme. How has the traineeship contributed to your personal growth?
By being in the programme together with other high potentials, you get to know each other very well. You reach a different type of depth when giving each other feedback. For example, I learned from my colleagues that if I show more of myself, I have more impact on others. I now also use this in my projects with clients.

No shortage of ambition. What is your next goal?
I would like to continue the same path: to work on international HR transformation projects in a multicultural environment. In the long run, I dream of also adding my value in a managerial role, but until then, I will do my best to have a positive impact on the companies I work for and the people I work with.

We also spoke to your mentor, Marja van den Tweel, about this step. She said the following about it:”Rick is a real Quintopper. He works with a lot of passion and brings out the best in himself. Together we talk about the topics he wants to develop, and he then works on them very consciously. And this leads to this great career for Rick at Quintop. I am looking forward to his next phase as a consultant and as a colleague”.

Nice words, what does that do to you?
That’s always nice to hear! I really like the fact that Marja as mentor really thinks along with me and has her own observations about what I can still improve. I really appreciate that, especially because this feedback challenges me to keep developing myself, which will benefit me throughout my working life.

What is your advice to someone with the same dreams?
I have to say that it very much depends on your personal situation, but I can tell you what works for me. My advice would be to set a clearly defined goal, keep working towards it with determination and, in addition, keep seeking your physical and mental relaxation on a daily basis. Finally, it helps to look for mentors and role models who have already walked the path of your goal.

At Quintop, personal development and growth are key. We offer our Quintoppers the opportunity to strengthen and further develop their professional and personal skills. We create a stimulating environment where our Quintoppers are challenged, where they can grow in their positions and where they can learn from each other. Pragmatic collaboration: that’s what we value.

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