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Reflecting on Growth: Zithe's Journey and Advice

Zithe has successfully completed the two-year traineeship program at Quintop and has been promoted to HR Consultant!

Quintop’s traineeship is a comprehensive program designed to empower young professionals and recent (WO) graduates to become well-rounded HR consultants. Over the course of the program, trainees tackle diverse projects for prestigious clients like AkzoNobel, ASML, and Bol. They also receive intensive training in project management, HR expertise, and communication skills.

Today, we have the pleasure of speaking with Zithe about her experiences at Quintop.

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If you look back at the last 2 years? What are key lessons learned?

  • Find Intrinsic Motivation: When you’re truly seeking valuable intrinsic insight within your assignments, it fuels your purpose and energy. Seek out work or tasks within your assignments that ignite your inner drive.
  • Speak Up as a Junior: Don’t let your title silence your voice. Juniority does not diminish the value of your insights. Speak up with confidence!
  • Master the Basics: Even in complex environments, strong fundamentals are crucial. Refine the basics to build a solid foundation for growth. Don’t let new environments overwhelm you to the point of letting these core fundamentals slip away (and ask for help)!

What are your ambitions for the future?

  • Consulting & Growth: I’m thoroughly enjoying my consulting journey! It’s a constant learning curve, and I’m eager to explore the evolving world of HR.
  • Change Management & Advocacy: I’m particularly interested in change management and advocating for people in the workplace. I’m honing my skills to be a future leader in this area.
  • People-Centric HR: My core value is ensuring everyone feels seen and heard. People advocacy, amplifying diverse voices, resonates strongly with me to allow for an inclusive environment.

Do you have tips for graduates searching for a HR Consultancy position?

Honesty is Key: Throughout your career journey, be honest with yourself. Does this path truly make you happy and energize you? Be honest about how you feel and how each step aligns with your goals.

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