Ilse Heurkens

'Passion as a driver for quality': Partner looks back on 11 years at Quintop

In 2020, Ilse Heurkens was appointed partner at Quintop. Not a crazy choice from either side, as Ilse has been inextricably linked to the HR transformation specialist for 11 years. Consultancy.nl asked her about her role as a partner and her loyalty to Quintop and its clients – what motivated her to get this far? “Working hard, persevering but also having fun at work. And then enjoying the results together.”

We speak to Ilse at Quintop’s office in Utrecht: “Finally, it’s possible again!” she begins cheerfully. “Seeing and talking to each other in the flesh. I value that togetherness so much.”

“That is what attracted me to Quintop in the first place as well and what I want to hold on to and pass on to everyone in the company: being at work with the client but also having a nice home base at Quintop, learning from each other but also having fun together. Especially in our field you see how crucial contact with people is. Together you achieve the best result.”

Working hard and enjoying together

Ilse grew up in an entrepreneurial family, where she learned how important it is that an organisation lives up to the meaning of that word, and is therefore actually well organised. In the family business, she saw with her own eyes that working hard together is important, but enjoying it together is just as important.

This is partly why she finds the family atmosphere at Quintop so important: “People should be optimally facilitated so that they can work with passion and really add value,” she explains. Both within Quintop itself and in the HR transformation projects at clients, Ilse takes the experience from home with her.

Not bored for a moment

That experience undoubtedly also played a role in her choice to study International Business Administration. After graduating, she worked as an HR consultant for four and a half years. She then started at Quintop. The move to the Utrecht-based specialist in HR transformations immediately felt right.

“I got to do many challenging assignments. And it doesn’t get boring. I still work with the same pleasure as when I started 11 years ago. At Quintop, we believe that passion drives quality. People work here who are driven to make people and organisations more successful by optimising their services or organisational structure.”

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