Quintop - Project management 2

Optimal project governance with a project manager and PMO

The deployment of a Project Management Officer (PMO) enables a Project Manager to optimally benefit from the qualities and tasks within your project team. How? By dividing your project management tasks into two specialized roles.

Role of the Project Manager

Many transformation initiatives are threatened by to the difficulty to stay focused. A project manager can enhance his external focus with a PMO’s internal focus. As the person being accountable, it’s important that the project manager enables himself to determine the right course of the project.

The PMO takes administrative and organizational tasks of the plate of the project manager. This means that the project manager can spend more time on his specialty: stakeholder and expectation management.

PMO support

A PMO ensures that the project organization is well-founded. In short: a continuous monitoring of the progress of planning, budgeting and scope. For more complex projects, the PMO is like a spider in a web that maintains the lines with project managers of sub projects.

The consultants of Quintop have extensive experience as PMO in small and large projects. Commonly, the PMOs of Quintop support the roll out of projects across different countries. The PMOs have knowledge of organizational change, are specialized in engaging those involved and are therefore able to maximize change. With an extra pair of ears and eyes, they signal opportunities and threats within the project team. This is why the PMOs of Quintop are a good partner for your project.