Corstiaan Eggink

New associate
Corstiaan Eggink has joined HR-consultancy firm Quintop as an associate. “With our project knowledge and Corstiaans HR- and interim experience, we connect perfectly,” says Quintop-partner Wilco Bontenbal.

Corstiaan has gained broad experience as a project manager, advisor and senior HR-manager. He started his professional career at ABN Amro, where he managed various departments for ten years. Subsequently, he specialised further in the HR-field at companies such as Geldservice Nederland and Geldmaat, after which he started as an independent interim HR-professional. In the many different roles he held, Eggink was, among other things, involved in managing HR-teams, implementing HR-instruments, involving the works council, negotiating with trade unions and managing various in- and outsourcing processes.

“Corstiaan has extensive experience in the HR-field,” says Quintop partner Wilco Bontenbal, who also describes the brand-new Associate as a “real pioneer” who finds it inspiring to start up new things. “He practices the HR profession as a decisive HR (interim) manager and HR project manager, based on an enormous amount of knowledge and experience.”

“Thanks to my creativity, I quickly come up with unique solutions”, says Eggink himself. “I feel responsible for what I say and agree to, and I always carry out my work with passion. I get the most energy from processes in which I help organisations to bring balance in a people-oriented versus results-oriented focus. With these culture change processes I help organisations to become more agile and thus more successful. ”

Quintop and Eggink have known each other since the beginning of 2020. “I came into contact with Quintop through another Quintop employee,” Eggink explains. “She left because she had found a new challenge elsewhere. She was so involved with Quintop and her client Quion, that she wanted to make sure she was replaced by another suitable professional. That says something about the employees at Quintop.”
This is how the collaboration began, in which Bontenbal is now taking the next step with great pleasure. “We soon found out that the collaboration is very pleasant and that it complements the existing experience, knowledge and proficiency that Quintop has to offer. Because of his approach in combination with his passion, Corstiaan fits very well within Quintop. It is not without reason that our slogan is ‘Passion Through Quality’.”

In his turn, Eggink does benefit from the expertise of Quintop. “When I was looking for an assignment, I assumed it would be an advantage to work through a consultancy firm. Sometimes you just want to have a sparring partner or you want to quickly acquire substantive knowledge on a certain topic. My assumptions appeared to be very true. I have already asked several times if someone within Quintop could help me with a specific topic. Always at least one of the Quintop colleagues has the required knowledge, which enables me to react and adapt quickly in several situations. ”

Bontenbal emphasises the similarities in their substantive approach: “We have the same ideas about how you can make organisations future-proof. Accumulating agility, but also organising success in organisations is what we jointly want to help clients with, now and in the future. This is also the case in the field of interim HR. Interim roles often entail project-like assignments. From initiating and managing projects to optimisation of processes and programs. Together with Corstiaan, we will continue to provide our customers with the best possible support in this area.”

While Eggink only just started, he became immediately part of the team. “Working with Corstiaan already feels very natural, he fits right into our group, likes to work and think along with us and contributes to our ambitions”, Bontenbal concludes.

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