Traineeship & Trainees

In conversation with Mentor and Trainee at Quintop

Meet Inge and Bas

Our consultants in the spotlight: today we interview Inge, a senior consultant who has been with us since May 2022, and Bas, a junior consultant and trainee who has been part of our team since 9 October 2023. Inge serves as Bas’ mentor and together they have nicely shaped our mentorship programme.

The Mentorship

Since Bas’ start at Quintop, Inge has been mentoring him during his traineeship. This mentorship focuses on both substantive help and personal development. Together, they have found a successful approach that suits their needs and Quintop’s basic principles.

Not only substantive mentoring

Inge: “Content-based mentoring is not just about solving challenging issues, but also about how they are tackled. We analyse what is going well, what can be improved and how to achieve it. As a result, Bas learns skills that he can apply in the future.”

Bas: “We meet at least once a month to discuss both complex and less complex issues. In addition, we reflect twice a month. These moments of reflection form the basis for our monthly discussions.”

Solution-oriented and development-oriented

Inge: “I strive to provide both solution-oriented and developmental guidance. We discuss not only practical issues Bas encounters in his projects, but also his skills and how he feels. There is always room for personal issues.”

Bas: “It is nice that I am given full space and flexibility to discuss both personal and practical issues. Inge is not only a mentor for me, but also a sparring partner with a lot of experience and knowledge.”

Personal Growth and Collaboration

Inge: “I love helping someone at the start of their career. Giving tips that really help a trainee and seeing how happy it makes them, gives me great satisfaction. Moreover, it is also a learning journey for me.”

Bas: “It really feels like we’re doing it together. For me, the programme is very instructive and accessible. The space within Quintop to approach everyone makes me feel comfortable.”


Mentoring at Quintop is a valuable two-way process of learning and growing. Both Inge and Bas experience this programme as a collaboration in which space, flexibility and personal development are key.

Would you also like to be part of a team where personal growth and cooperation are paramount? Then join us and experience it for yourself!