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HR Change & Advisory focuses op sustainable flexibility

The economy is picking up again and the UWV (employee insurance agency) expects growth of 225,000 jobs by 2018. In care and construction, almost no people can be found. At the same time, the number of people receiving social security is still increasing. A part is caused by immigrants with a non-Western background who have been granted a residence permit. Even for the elderly it’s hard to get back to work once they have no work.

The magic word

In addition, for working people, the way of working is continually changing; flexibility is the key and if you can’t work ‘Agile’ within a ‘Scrum Team’, you missed the boat. And while not all companies implement this flexible and short-cyclical way of working completely and consistently, we see that fast responsiveness in the (market) situation is becoming increasingly important. This imposes other requirements on employees. Change has become structural.

“What if we invest in our people and they’ll leave?” – “What if you don’t invest and they stay?”

Sustainable flexibility

Quintop HR Change & Advisory has developed a portfolio of interventions that help companies and its employees to be assured of the right people in the right place now and in the future. With a thorough analysis and sophisticated development processes we support employers and employees in order to keep working competently, healthy and with pleasure.

Four focus areas

By mapping the employer’s labor needs on the one hand and the employees’ workforce on the other, we can prevent a potentially imminent mismatch. Through well-thought-out development plans, we make sure that employees have the right knowledge and skills to stay futureproof and will not lose the connection on the labor market. During the exploration, together with the employer, we focus on 4 areas:

  • Does the workforce now and in the future meet the requested work?
  • Are the employees sufficiently fit to be able to (continue) to do their job?
  • Do the employees have the right qualifications for their current position?
  • Are the employees sufficiently flexible to cope with any changing working conditions?

And then…

After this scan we determine, again in close cooperation with the employer, the strategy with a corresponding implementation plan so that the flexible, fit employability of your employees is now and in the future secured.

In case of a shrinking labor force, it is also a necessity for employers to invest on time in the sustainable flexibility of their employees. We need everyone!