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Providing quick insights

Quintop has a number of successful HR scans and (analysis) tools. We often use these for our clients to provide a quick insights. A clear perspective is the result. Below, we would like to present a few.

HR maturity scan

Our newly developed online tool to quickly assess the HR maturity of your organisation is a success. The results provide thorough insights in the current position of your HR organisation. Moreover, it shows areas of improvement, and the necessary steps to get there.

Benefits Quick Scan

Another online tool that we recently developed is the Benefits Quick Scan.

For a “quick” but comprehensive analysis of the status of the employment conditions within your organisation. Is your company ready for the next step? Are employees satisfied? Do benefits matter differently for various age groups? All that and more will be clear within the results of our quick scan.

Pulse Checks

Curious how your employees are doing? We provide, make and guide pulse checks. This gives you insights into how your employees are doing; also (or perhaps especially) at this time.

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