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Social Plan

The ins and outs of the social plan

Every organisation is constantly in a state of change. Markets shift, technologies evolve, business processes undergo changes, and this has direct consequences for the tasks of the employees. This is part of normal business operations.

In some cases, these changes are drastic. Consider, for example, situations where fewer employees are needed, functions change significantly, or when turnover drops sharply during times of crisis. Often this leads to a reorganisation. To mitigate the adverse effects on employees as much as possible, a social plan is usually drawn up.

In our whitepaper, we discuss in detail the specifics of a social plan. We explain when such a plan is necessary, which legal aspects must be taken into account, and what is all included in such a social plan. We also briefly touch on the consultation regarding a social plan and describe our approach to drafting one: “How do you create a social plan? The ins and outs of the social plan.

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