From trainee to consultant: an inspiring journey of growth and development

Anne Bakker and Simone Mentink both completed Quintop’s two-year traineeship and were promoted to consultant at the HR consultancy firm. They both agree: “At Quintop, you undergo a steep learning curve, both professionally and personally.”

Quintop’s traineeship is a comprehensive two-year programme aimed at young professionals and recent (WO) graduates who want to develop into fully-fledged HR consultants. During the programme, trainees work on various assignments for renowned clients, including AkzoNobel, ASML and Bol, and receive intensive training in project management, HR and communication.

After completing the traineeship, both Anne and Simone chose to advance to the role of consultant, in order to learn even more different sides of the consulting profession, but also to add depth to the projects and their development.

Learning and growing

Anne looks back on her time as a trainee with a smile: “It was a beautiful and educational journey that contributed to both my professional and personal growth. I am grateful for the learning experiences and feel prepared for the next step in my career after this journey.”

Simone also shares her positive experience: “Over the past two years, I have especially learned a lot about myself, my work preferences and my passion for teamwork to achieve goals.”

From trainee to HR consultant

With the knowledge and experience gained from the traineeship, Anne and Simone enthusiastically started their new roles as HR consultants at Quintop.

Anne motivates her choice: “For me, it is important to help others and make a positive contribution to organisations in the process. In addition, I value my own development, and working with diverse clients on challenging assignments contributes to this.”

Simone describes her move as a “logical step” and emphasises her enthusiasm for experimenting and gaining diverse experiences with clients. “Usually, no day is the same and we regularly have to adjust course. This dynamic keeps the work exciting for me.”

Various work and development opportunities

Anne has worked for seven different clients during her traineeship, ranging from small organisations to large multinationals. Her tasks included modernising terms of employment, implementing HR systems, drafting HR policies and supporting the creation of a new HR organisation. Which client assignment is she most proud of? “For me, one assignment doesn’t necessarily stand out. I am especially proud of my ability to move quickly and build relationships in new environments.”

Simone shares her experiences: “My tasks ranged from supporting the (re)development of processes to shaping and implementing a new service delivery model. I also drew up a change and communication plan for new functions in an HR system and prepared an agile transformation. Looking back, I am perhaps most proud of my flexibility. The ability to jump into different situations and start off with optimism is, in my opinion, an essential trait for any consultant!”

Development opportunities within Quintop

Both Anne and Simone emphasise the collegiality and support from Quintop that they experienced during the traineeship. You become part of a trainee group with whom you follow training courses, have peer review sessions and undertake fun activities. In addition, during the trainee programme you will have a mentor who is your contact person and with whom you reflect on your development goals.

Anne emphasises: “Working with experienced colleagues at the client was valuable for my development. Sparring, learning from each other and arriving at the best solutions together.” Simone points to the diversity in the training programme: “The training sessions on agile working generated great interest in me. This is a subject I would like to develop further on.”

Quintop offers the opportunity to enter the 2-year traineeship at any time.

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