Change & Communication Manager

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Quintop’s Change & Communication Managers are true leaders with experience in guiding organisational changes. Would you like to know more about this dynamic role? Continue reading!

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You specialise in successfully guiding changes in organisations and ensure effective communication at every step within a project. So, you are involved in:

  • Designing change strategies: Developing effective strategies that guide the organisation in successfully implementing changes, taking into account various aspects and objectives.
  • Developing and implementing communication strategies: Creating and executing communication plans that promote clarity and involvement at all stages of change, ensuring effective communication with employees and stakeholders.
  • Involving stakeholders: Involving stakeholders at different levels within the organisation to gain support, reduce resistance, and increase acceptance of change.
  • Active implementation of change: Ensuring the actual execution of change plans and initiatives, focusing on achieving tangible results and impact.


  • Innovative (inter)national projects.
  • Working with the top 500 of Dutch business.
  • The friendliest colleagues and team socials/outings.
  • An informal, ambitious, and professional working environment where there is plenty of room for initiative.
  • A mentor who prioritises your success.
  • Participation in the Personal Leadership Program
  • Attention to your work-life balance.
  • A good salary and bonus scheme.
  • Lease car or public transport card (also for private use).
  • A company phone, laptop and other necessities.
  • 25 holiday days, based on 40 hours.
  • 1 day of volunteering that you can fill in yourself.
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  • Change Management Expertise: You have solid knowledge of best practices and methodologies within change management. Dealing with resistance is something you are good at.
  • Leadership Qualities: You have the capacity to motivate and inspire diverse teams during changes. You are able to create a powerful vision of change and communicate it effectively.
  • Excellent Communication Skills: With both strong oral and written communication skills, you know how to involve stakeholders and convey the right message.
  • Stakeholder Management: You know how to establish and build strong relationships with stakeholders at all organisational levels. Understanding the needs, concerns and expectations of stakeholders in the change process is second nature to you.
  • Project Management Skills: Thanks to your strategic thinking and project management skills, you are able to effectively plan, execute and monitor change projects.
  • Analytical Thinking: Identifying and analysing complex situations is one of your strengths. You can conduct research, develop creative solutions and build deep understanding about specific topics.


Has your interest been piqued and do you think you would be a good addition to our team? Then email your CV to Do you have any questions about the vacancy? Then contact Marlis Krooshof on 06 83537542. Who knows, you might soon be among our Quintoppers.

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