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Zithe Kamesa

Junior HR Consultant
  • Dedicated
  • Hardworking
  • Enthusiastic

Zithe Kamesa heralds from South Africa and is an enthusiastic and polite individual who approaches challenges with tenacity and creativity. In finding solutions she values being a tentative listener and asking questions along the way. She also prides herself in analytical process thinking. Zithe has studied a Masters in International Management, a Bachelor of Commerce in both Business Management and Communication Management. During which she gained experience within change management and business transformation within multinational firms. She also thoroughly enjoys travelling, cooking, painting, spending time with friends and family having a good old South African ‘braai’.

I love to travel because it allows you to explore and discover the crevices of the world and the crevices of oneself that are both excitingly wonderful and a risk worth taking!

To me Quintop is

An open minded and enthusiastic organization that cultivates both proffessional and personal development with the best support system of colleagues who make me feel at home instantly.