Tessa Stroomberg

Marketing & Communication Officer
  • Structured
  • Loyal
  • Organising

Tessa is an experienced marketing and communications consultant. A hard worker, with an eye for detail. She has a proactive attitude and works in a structured way. She is direct, loves to get things done and is loyal; both to her colleagues and to her friends and family. She is sincere and loves to organise things. Down to the last details, which can be quite annoying sometimes. Besides being involved in positioning Quintop every week, she makes people beautiful in her spare time by providing hair and make-up for parties and celebrations.

I really enjoy doing hair and make-up for other people. Especially when I can tell that their confidence grows. The biggest compliment for me is when they tell me they still feel like themselves, only prettier.

To me Quintop is

A fresh start! Quintop is a new environment for me. They give me the opportunity to create a marketing and communications strategy for the company. I really appreciate the faith they have in me. I will do everything in my power to make it work.