Marlis Krooshof

Talent & Development Manager
  • Social
  • Initiating
  • Go-getter

Marlis is a Talent & Development Manager and Coach. Listening and asking the right questions is her strength and achieving results her drive.

Development is important to her. For example, she designed the High Potential Program for Quintop, in order to realise personal and professional growth for starters. In addition, she is a certified coach and various High Potentials follow coach sessions with her.

With her background in Work and Organizational Psychology, she has a fascination for people and work. With an analytical view and engaged approach Marlis knows how to achieve results and connect people.

I experience ultimate freedom with a kite in the air and my kiteboard under my feet, especially when the day ends on the terrace with friends and family.

To me Quintop is

A great organisation, where I get the chance to keep developing and also have a lot of fun with my Quintop colleagues. I will never forget the trip to Georgia, for example!”