A picture of Carsten Surfing, which is one of Carstens hobbies.

Carsten Burggraaff

Junior Digital Marketeer
  • Creative
  • Perseverance
  • Enthusiastic

Carsten is the latest addition to the Quintop team. He can be described as a spontaneous and creative person, who is not afraid of a challenge and enjoys jumping into the depths of things. He gets energy from stepping out of his comfort zone. In general, Carsten is a very cheerful person, nevertheless it is sometimes difficult to understand his humour. Carsten was born and raised in Utrecht, but lived in Rotterdam and Tilburg for his studies. In Rotterdam, he completed his Bachelor in Business Administration and in Tilburg he graduated from his Master in Marketing Management. Marketing is his passion and he likes to let it run free at Quintop. Carsten loves travelling, meeting new people, playing guitar and sports.

Opening oneself up to the experiences the world has to offer is important to me. I love lifelong learning and enjoy developing myself professionally and personally.

To me Quintop is

A fine enterprise that deserves more recognition. I will do my very best to put Quintop on the map!