Bas Preusting and his friends who have won a football cup.

Bas Preusting

Junior HR Consultant
  • Supportive
  • Determination
  • Goal oriented

Bas Preusting is a socially, enthusiastic oriented HR-consultant with a passion to provide organisations and people with advice. After gaining experience in Hospitality, Bas is eager to use his knowledge and passion to help organisations to reach their full potential. Due to his Master degree in Policy, Communication and Organisation, Bas has a wide background in the HR-spectrum and is familiar with aspects from the organisational sciences, communication sciences and sociology. Bas likes to play football and tennis and goes often to a restaurant or cafe. Bas loves to travel and currently he’s learning the Spanish language.

Football is for me besides a way to relax a connecting factor in making strong friendships.

To me Quintop is

A good environment with the possibility to develop and learn with friendly and helpful colleagues to assist me.