Anne Bakker

HR Consultant
  • Driven
  • Social
  • Analytical

Anne is an enthusiastic and committed HR consultant. With an educational background in Human Resource Studies, she has developed a great passion for the HR profession, with a special interest in culture & cultural exchange, HR strategy and people analytics.

Anne gets a lot of energy from working together with others. According to her, one can make progress together by joining forces to achieve the best result. Her empathy and interest in others enable her to connect people. Furthermore, Anne works in a structured and careful manner.

In her spare time she enjoys spending time with friends and family, cycling/spinning and traveling.

When I look back to my exchange to Canada I get a big smile on my face. Going on different trips together with other exchange students and discovering the beautiful Canadian nature.

To me Quintop is

A close and enthusiastic group of colleagues and a place where there is a lot of room for personal and professional development.