Personal Leadership Program

Quintop believes in lifelong learning and wants to stimulate and facilitate personal and professional growth. For our (senior) HR consultants, we have developed the Personal Leadership Program.

What does the Personal Leadership Program entail?

Discover your true leadership potential with our Personal Leadership Program. It is specifically designed to guide (senior) HR consultants towards project and program roles with a lot of responsibility. The program consists of three powerful building blocks:

  • Self-Directed Learning
  • Shared Sessions
  • Coaching & Mentorship

In the Self-Directed Learning component we put you in charge. You are the director of your own growth and development. You have the freedom to determine your learning path, based on your needs, interests, and goals within Quintop. This is your opportunity to build your personal skills and knowledge at your own pace and in a way that suits you best.

In the Shared Sessions we create an inspiring environment where you come together with your peers from the program who are also seeking personal growth and leadership development. Through interactive workshops, group discussions, and creative team activities, you will build valuable connections, share experiences, and learn from each other’s perspectives.

The third element of our program is Coaching en Mentorship, a crucial aspect of personal growth and leadership development. Our mentors are ready to guide you. They provide valuable insights, feedback, and support to elevate your (personal) leadership to new heights.

Why did we develop the Personal Leadership Program?

Leadership is not only about taking formal positions, but also about self-reflection, taking responsibility, showing initiative, and leading from any position within organisations. By providing our employees with the tools, knowledge, and skills to develop their personal leadership potential, we create strong HR consultants on one hand and build a team that takes on challenges and achieves successful results on the other.

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