High Potential Pool

Is your organisation in need of young professionals? Are you looking for additional capacity for your (HR) project? Then Quintop’s High Potential Pool might be the solution you have been searching for. Find out more about our enthusiastic and ambitious pool of Junior HR Consultants, who receive intensive training.

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New insights

Your organisation can surely benefit from the fresh perspectives and innovative ideas brought by the new generation of HR professionals. They bring unmatched enthusiasm, high learning capacity and knowledge of the latest developments. Our Junior HR Consultants are eager to make an impact and join your organisation.

Flexible deployment in various roles

With their adaptability and diverse backgrounds, our Junior HR Consultants can be deployed to various fields, including HR, communication, project management, process management and change management. They are action-oriented and deliver high-quality results by relying on their up-to-date knowledge of best practices and tools, as well as the support Quintop provides.

With their positive attitude, they strive to bring out the best in themselves and the teams they work with. To ensure the quality our junior HR consultants deliver, Quintop provides them with everything they need to succeed in their assignments: training, mentorship, resources and a close-knit community of fellow consultants that is always at their fingertips.

The traineeship programme

Our Junior HR Consultants follow a two-year traineeship with a steep learning curve that was carefully designed to shape them into fully-fledged HR consultants. This program consists of approximately 25 trainings in the areas of: communication, HR, project management, sales, and personal growth. Every training is intensive, offering knowledge and skills that can be applied into practice right away. This means that your organisation directly benefits from it! Additionally, every Junior HR Consultant receives mentorship from one of our senior consultants who helps them set and achieve developmental goals. We also encourage them to be there for each other. One of the ways we ensure this is through facilitating quarterly intervision sessions. In these sessions the Junior HR Consultants advise each other on problems, both professional and personal.

All these initiatives and more ensure that our Junior HR Consultants are well-equipped to deal with your organisation’s challenges and deliver great results!


By collaborating with a Junior HR Consultant from Quintop, you do not only gain a fresh perspective, but also a proactive self-starter who easily adapts to new environments, tasks and teams. You can be sure that they will bring value and find their way in your organisation in no time!

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